SIEM with orchestration

SIEM with Orchestration

As SIEM software has transformed over time, the core components continue to provide value, while new, innovative technology — such as automation and new analytical techniques — has been built on top of the traditional SIEM foundation to provide the most comprehensive approach to reducing risk across an organization.This evolution of capabilities and features is often referred to as “next-gen SIEM.” The deployment of a next-gen SIEM solution delivers enhanced methods for securing data and solidifying operational excellence.

  • Threat intelligence
  • UEBA
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Endpoint Monitoring
  • SOAR

The integration of threat intelligence with foundational SIEM capabilities provides additional threat context that can help deliver faster mean time to detect (MTTD) and can ease some of the burden of incident investigation.Behavioral analysis provides a unique look at the activity of users and network entities to be able to prioritize and address behavior that shows significant deviation from normal behavior. UEBA solutions use machine learning (ML) to determine both the baseline (normal behavior) of each user and entity and the significance of any activity that deviates from that baseline.Analysis of network traffic and packet data delivers visibility into the communication methods and patterns between networked devices. NTA solutions can be leveraged as a set of rules, looking for specific patterns and behavioral outliers, or as an effective means for performing threat hunting.Endpoint monitoring enables operations to track activity on an endpoint that includes the viewing, creation, modification, and deletion of files. This ability to track file access and modification is often delivered through an endpoint solution that includes file integrity monitoring (FIM) as part of the feature set.SOAR is an underlying set of capabilities that increase operational efficiency and collaboration across all the other layers of a next-gen SIEM platform. These capabilities include case management and contextualization for incident investigation, and playbooks for streamlining operational workflows.

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