Innovation management

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Innovation management is the process of managing innovative ideas. Say a business leader has an idea to increase revenue or market share. For this idea to have a real impact, it needs to be turned into something actionable (such as creating a new product). Therefore, we can define innovation management as the way new ideas are developed and refined until they become a reality.With the pandemic impacting industries differently — some, like telecommunications, are better off, while retail and travel have suffered — many are viewing the period as a much-needed prompt to focus on organizational resilience. Beyond simply surviving, however, firms are also rethinking existing products and innovating new ones in the moment that will be relevant beyond the pandemic.

Use cases for our platform

Product Development
Collect and manage all ideas for new products

Open Innovation
Collect from every spectrum of the organization

Technology Scouting
Collect technology ideas with a mission

Innovation Campaigns
Collect ideas with different missions and make it easy to manage and pick the best ideas to start innovation projects.

Collaborate on ideas
Users work together to share knowledge and improve ideas. You can upvote, follow, score, share ideas and get notified with updates.

Tools for idea collection
Winnovative strives for an effective yet easy way to collect ideas. Boards, idea boxes, and ideations are 3 tools within the platform that will help you with idea collection.

To boost people engagement and creativity: users go undercover and work with timers, goals, experience points, leaderboards and teams.

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